Episode 3 – How to NOT Get Shot By A Cop

A lot of daily concealed carries are nervous about the potential of being fired upon by law enforcement when the police respond to the scene of a violent crime. Listen in and don’t make these mistakes.

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  1. Mark on September 23, 2020 at 4:34 am

    I’ve heard of a number of situations where a dispatcher did not pass on to the responding officers that there was a concealed carrier present who’d shot the bad guy; It’s a very very good idea to have the first caller cue the dispatcher to PLEASE pass that info on to the responding officers, and for the second person bringing the officers in to tell the officers that you are very very willing to disarm but are stressed and will need a gentle clue that they are present.

    It’s fairly well known that screaming loudly at a stressed person CAN cause them to turn towards you, which is something for concealed carriers to be aware of, and to program themselves to NOT do! As neither you not responding officers really want you shot.

    I was trained to ask for medical aid before police, because that is the mindset of someone who wishes to preserve lives, and I agree with that idea – You do need to call for law enforcement as well, of course.

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