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Episode 34- 4/19/1995

Today marks the 26th anniversary of the OKC Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. My guest today is Gary Eastridge of CCWSafe and FTA. While he was a police officer he was assigned to the Murrah building for the duration. This episode digs on the emotions pretty deep. I won’t give anymore away for now. […]

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Episode 33- Dots, Dogma and Glocks.

Spencer Keepers is back, shooting Glocks, and running a DOT???? So in this weeks episode a Cop and a Concealed Carrier, both instructors, dive in to the dot. We talk pro’s and con’s for cops and defensive shooters and to give you some training considerations on both sides. And yes they both still love their […]

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Episode 23- Q&A With TGO

Rob Leatham…….what more needs to be said. The greatest competition shooter in the world. Bryan sits down with Rob and pitches him a few questions you have never heard him answer. In a break with the shows standard format Bryan solicited questions from LEO and Civilian “Shooters” and got TGO’s input. Grab a bowl of […]

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