Off Duty On Duty is a show hosted by Bryan Eastridge and produced and syndicated by The show strives to discuss topics important to any gun carrier from both the perspective of a Law Enforcement Officer and the contrasting perspective of a Non-LEO Concealed Carrier. We feel both of those groups can benefit from the perspectives of the other.

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Episode 95- Police Training Needs a Hard Reset -Chuck Haggard

January 31, 2023

If you flew F-15’s would the military ask you or expect you to buy a Cessna for flight hours? Ludicrous right! Then why do we expect police officers to perform their tasks with the minimum amount of training? Chuck Haggard was recently consulted as an expert witness in a case involving Law Enforcement training and standards or more accurately a lack there of. I believe if you are a gun toting citizen or an LE professional you need to train to become your own expert witness.