Episode 28-Cops Talking Calibers

Bolke is back, Warning todays topic could be disturbing both to your personal beliefs on caliber and the imagery discussed. As two veteran cops we have both seen a lifetime worth of bullet wounds to human beings. I personally hope none of our listeners ever have to have that experience, but nonetheless there are lessons and value in the knowledge we have obtained. Is bigger better? Is any caliber better than any other? the answer all around is…..maybe.

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  1. Morgan Drew on March 12, 2021 at 11:35 am

    Great info you guys, thanks for taking the time to put it out! Your conclusions parallel mine over the last 30 years as an LEO working patrol, investigations and being an LE firearms instructor though I worked in smaller jurisdictions with thankfully less violent crime. Stay safe!

  2. Morgan Drew on March 12, 2021 at 12:50 pm

    One topic I would love to see you and DB (and anyone else you think would have good info) cover is the use of handloaded ammunition for self defense. The common wisdom is that it is a huge no no to use handloads. This seems to be based on the assumption that the prosecution will use the fact that you used handloads to show you had the intent to inflict greater damage or kill your opponent rather than just stop the threat.

    Another assumption is that handloads are bad because law enforcement prohibits their use by policy so civilians should follow the same practice. I have not been able to find any cases where an individual was prosecuted in a self defense shooting for using handloaded ammunition.

    While I realize that handloads can be less reliable than factory ammunition I also know that when prepared properly they are every bit as good. With today’s ammunition shortages I can see that many folks may be tempted to carry handloads for defense when they can’t find appropriate factory ammo. Just a thought for a possible topic. Thanks for all the great info!
    Best regards,

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