Episode 37- Getting Dyal’d in with Your Pistol

How do you determine your proficiency with your defensive EDC gear?Justin Dyal and I have ran in the same circles of shooters for many years and finally met for a chat, albeit via zoom but still ideas and knowledge were shared. Justin is a retired USMC Lt.Colonel and program manager/developer for many of the top shooting schools in the Marine Corps. Justin and I talk about how an LEO and a Civilian can get dialed in with your pistol and some exercises you the armed populace can use to assess your performance. Here is my personal favorite courtesy of Justin
5 Yard Roundup-Target- B8 Repair Center Distance 5 Yards/ 10 Rounds of ammunition-Par Time- 2.5 Seconds all Strings
Stage 1- Draw Fire 1 shot from the holster
Stage 2- From Low Ready Fire 4 rounds
Stage 3- Low Ready/ Strong Hand Only fire 3 Rounds
Stage 4- Low Ready/ Off gun hand Fire 2 Rounds
Score Possible 100 Points, Hits outside the 8 Ring are Zero Value

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