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Episode 53- What it takes to WIN

What does it take to win the fight? Well what fight are you preparing to win? Hany joins us to talk about how to win the fight and the first step to take to win. Hint it all comes back to Colonel Coopers Combat Triad and primarily centers around MINDSET. As usual this episode is […]

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Episode 52- Average Guy Concealed Carry

Back from a 2 week hiatus of letting my vocal cords recover from the ever present Oklahoma allergens! This week Les Kismartoni aka Les Pepperoni aka Les Pep aka the GM with the affinity for the pasta pistol. Les is quite the accomplished shooter but today we talk about just being “average Joe” Concealed Carrier […]

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Episode 48- Knowledge Vs. Learning with DB

DB is back from a sabbatical and mentoring journey through the history of some modern day southern California gun fighters. Today we talk the difference in Knowledge and Learning. There seems to be a trend of ignoring knowledge from the past about the realities of armed defense. DB is a not only a historian but […]

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Episode 47- COP’s Can’t Shoot

Last week Lee Weems and I broke the internet a bit about the sub second draw….. This week we won’t discuss that too much anyway. You can check that out on Lee’s new podcast “That Weems Guy” on YouTube and Apple Podcast. This week we do our best to tackle the “COPs cant shoot” belief […]

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