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Episode 17 – Range Therapy

In this episode Bryan sets down with Michael Burgess of M&S Range Therapy INC in Lillington NC. Michael and Bryan have been shooting together for many years and both are teaching armed citizens. Michael has been very successful at teaching female shooters and keeping them engaged in training. Take a seat and enjoy as CCW […]

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Episode 13 – 2 Years 2 Shootings 2 Guns

In this episode Bryan sets down with Retired Detective Kyle Eastridge of Eastridge Investigations & Asset Protection. Kyle is not only a renowned Homicide investigator, his formative years on the police department came in the era of Revolver to Semi-Auto transition courses and he used both in armed engagements. Kyle is also Bryan’s Uncle, listen […]

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Episode 8 – Kenosha Part 2-The Cop Perspective

Kenosha, Wisconsin the 25th Day of Auguast 2020 one of the most controversial incidents involving an armed citizen in recent history.This week we continue Episode 7 with Hany Mahmoud for the “cop” side. Bryan and Hany give you some insight on how and why cops operate certain ways in a time of civil unrest. Hany […]

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