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Episode 20 – Three Things Cops Wish you Knew

In this episode Bryan talks to our old friend Hany Mahmoud about 3 things we cops wish you knew. We also talk a lot about the upcoming Guardian Nation Conference thats happening in Bryan’s stomping ground. Do you believe in “Stopping Power”? Pain….it’s your best friend. Do you feel “Lucky” well do ya? All this […]

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Episode 17 – Range Therapy

In this episode Bryan sets down with Michael Burgess of M&S Range Therapy INC in Lillington NC. Michael and Bryan have been shooting together for many years and both are teaching armed citizens. Michael has been very successful at teaching female shooters and keeping them engaged in training. Take a seat and enjoy as CCW […]

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Episode 1 – Welcome to The Off Duty On Duty Podcast

A quick introduction to this new podcast from your host Bryan Eastridge. Sponsors of Today’s Episode: Mountain Man Medical: Trauma Kits with the best name-brand components at the lowest prices anywhereEDC Belt Company: The best “Off Duty” belt for any concealed carrier. Low Profile comfort with all the support you need. We look forward to […]

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